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To Qualify:

  • You must own a residential real estate property in Maricopa County, Arizona.


  • The homeowner selected will be determined by numbering each qualified entry and generating a random number via https://www.random.org/.


  • A homeowner will be selected to have their mortgage paid on the 25th of each month and homeowners will be notified within 48 hours. If you’re not selected this month, return to this site and register for next month.


  • We will announce a homeowner once a month given there are at least 30 entries. If 30 homeowners are not registered, the drawing may be postponed until 30 entries are received.


  • Homeowners will be notified via phone call and e-mail.


  • Make My Mortgage Payment Now will pay up to $1500 dollars directly to you or your mortgage company for your past due mortgage.


  • Eligible homeowners must have submitted a recent mortgage statement AND the statement must reflect at least one past due payment.


  • Registry is not complete or considered valid without a copy of most recent mortgage statement.


  • If you have 2nd mortgage associated with your current first mortgage we reserve the right to request your 2nd mortgage statement to determine if you qualify.


If you have any questions about your registration please e-mail info@MakeMyMortgagePaymentNow.com or call (602) 734-1404