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Make My Mortgage Payment NOW is a foreclosure relief program for anyone facing a hardship, behind on their mortgage and possibly facing foreclosure. If you’re behind on your mortgage payment, we help you avoid foreclosure and will pay your mortgage up to $1,500!

Provide your name, email, address and phone number above.

Simply submit a copy of your most recent mortgage statement.

A monthly homeowner is selected to have their mortgage paid. (up to $1500)

Don't Wait! Enroll Today!


Simple! We’ve been in real estate for over 20 years and our success can become your reward. We provide a solution for anyone facing a hardship and behind on their mortgage. If you’re behind on your mortgage payment, we can help.

Too often when banks take homes away by foreclosure, families are left with nothing. Don’t let this happen to you! We have options to help you avoid foreclosure.

Many people facing foreclosure challenges don’t think they need help or help is available. Even if you believe you don’t need help, why not enter to win a mortgage payment? It only takes 30 seconds and can be the difference between foreclosure and peace of mind.

We ONLY help homeowners who are behind on their payments. To verify and qualify, all you need to do is enter very basic information and upload your mortgage statement.

Simply register, scan or take a picture of your statement and upload it. That’s it!

From there, within 24 hours we confirm your entry and let you know when the next winner will be announced.

“I can’t even stop smiling at this point! I tried many different options to get caught up over the last four plus months, and absolutely nothing worked. I just entered “help with my mortgage payment” in the search bar when I became aware of your site. I was really at my wits end by then. I had already pushed one bill away to pay another and got hit with late fees etc. I did not know what to do. I watched the little video presentation explaining what you do and went to bed. I went back several days later since I felt I had nothing to lose. When I was contacted by MakeMyMortgagePaymentNow.com and told I “had a good chance of winning” I was hopeful but still skeptical. Now I am just thankful and truly humbled by your help.”

Thank you - Alma

Make My Mortage Payment NOW Foreclosure Relief Program

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